We are also excited to announce that The Soul and Magic Intuitive Coaching Academy is endorsed by the ACCPH.

The ACCPH is an independent professional body and register for counsellors, coaches, psychotherapists and hypnotherapists.

In order to become accredited through The Soul and Magic Academy, you will be asked to complete some practical work done in small groups or 121 with other people going through my Coaching Academy. This will take place over zoom and you will practice honing your intuitive skills – things like how a client feels in their body, reading the energy of that person, using visual cues, leaning into guidance that comes through for them.

This is going to help you evolve your skills as a coach and mentor, so that you can be exceptional at what you do. It’s also going to build your confidence. 

There will also be 2-3 written assignments – mainly around practicing using your intuitive senses and an opportunity to create a guided visualisation for someone you are paired with in The Academy.