Welcome to this powerful sequence of ACTIVATIONS within you over 4 consecutive days

A powerful journey activating these 4 key areas of your BEING

An Activation of your Inner Knowing


An Activation of your Power

An Activation of your Wealth

An Activation of your Light of Pure Potential

Each of these activations has a powerful effect on all areas of your life. They are interrelated.

As one part of you gets activated, it provides a catalyst effect into the other areas.

The activation of each of these areas is purposeful, it has energetic meaning and it has the power to transform everything for you.


When we activate ourselves, we activate everything around us.

Welcome to ACTIVATION.

A 4 day Masterclass with the focus on activating frequencies available to you now so you can BE at a whole new level.

You are powerful. Beyond comprehension.

We live in an energetic Universe. Everything we do has an energy to it.

This program is going beyond teaching you how to think, feel and speak.

This is about activating the very core of you. It’s about realising the most powerful thing you can do is BE.

BE Knowing.

BE Powerful.

BE Wealthy.

BE the light of Pure Potential.

It is when we BE it, not DO it then everything changes.

You vibrate, attract and emanate at a whole new level.

And how is this done? It’s done by you. Within you. I am purely the facilitator.

The connector. So that you can find all that was always within you.

Then we flick the switch.

This 4 day Masterclass will show you how.

“Caroline, thank you so much for ACTIVATION. It was so powerful, meaningful and divinely timed. The guided sessions were beautiful – I felt changed after our flight.”

“It blew my socks off. So powerful.”

“Today was amazing – I have felt my connection to the Divine for a long time and it was lovely to hear of your experiences as a child. My belief in myself and commitment to listening to my inner voice has been a challenge in the past, but its getting stronger by the day and I am so excited about that”

Our vibration, our energy, who we choose to be accounts for everything.

What I’ve realised is that the way in which I get to have most impact for my audience, my clients and the world is to fully own and model what I want others to.

That the way I choose to show up will dictate the way that those around me show up.

That I activate others through an activation of myself.

The more I stand in my power, the more I believe in the extraordinary, the more I receive, the more I connect, the more comfortable I become with being a wealthy woman… then the more I am paving the way for others to do the same.

The ripple effects begins. Those people go on to inspire others. It’s like a domino effect that is caused by the power that emanates from me in each moment.

And it’s when I am prepared to stop buying into the beliefs that I need to be more of something to allow that big thing to come in, that I allow others to do the same.

When I give myself permission to have all that I desire just because.

Because of course I was always worthy.

Because of course I came here for the magic.

Because of course I can have anything I choose.

Then I pave the way for each and everyone of you to do the same.

And that is my pledge going forwards.

I am here for the miraculous.

I am here for the mind blowing service to millions and millions.

I am here for the extraordinary life.

I am here for the wealth.

I am here for the magic.

I am here to defy logic.

I choose to activate that power within me so that I can activate the power within you.

Because that is the best act of service I can do for all of you.

All of you who know me, who’ve just found me or who will find me.

I do this to show you what’s possible.

Who is this for?

I honestly believe this program will help everyone and is for everyone.

I believe it can change anyone’s life.

As soon as we realise how powerful we are as the creators of our own reality, everything changes.

As soon as you can activate your innate knowing, power, wealth and light – everything in your external world can change.

To help guide you here are the themes that this Masterclass will support you with.

It’s for those of you: Desiring clarity, direction, purpose and inner power Desiring next level wealth, inspiration and opportunity Desiring to be more creative, more tuned in, more free Desiring to be more magnetic, focused, expansive Desiring a deeper connectedness, a knowing and joy

And most importantly for those who just know.

Know they need to be in this container.

Know this is for them. Who know they are ready to activate frequencies that are within them.

“I just completed day 2 of ACTIVATION. At the beach, in Greece. Day 1 and 2 have led to releases in my tummy as I’ve felt lots flush/be released out after the meditations. So I imagine blocks to I am enough…maybe that’s where I was holding onto difficult memories too…my tummy is now relaxing. Learning too. Maybe learning to trust.

The purpose of this is to say how amazing the flying meditation was. My whole being was overcome with joy and gratitude. Caroline – you helped set me free, you supported me to FLY, free. Without fear. Doing anything without fear for me is big.

Thank you, I felt SO moved. What an amazing gift to the world. Thank you with all my heart.” ~ Maria K.

What can I expect over the 4 days?

1. Daily teaching and energy ACTIVATIONS with Caroline

2. Daily journal prompts to guide each ACTIVATION

3. Daily guided visualisation

Topics covered:

An Activation of your Inner Knowing


An Activation of your Power

An Activation of your Wealth

An Activation of your Light of Pure Potential

First ACTIVATION recording available IMMEDIATELY!

Subsequent days released every 24 hours


COST: £199 [+ VAT]

“Caroline unlocked in me a remembering of who I am and what I am here to do. She saw me so clearly I have been able to come home to myself, recognising things about myself I didn’t dare believe before. She has opened me up to my own direct line with my spirit team and as a result I am moving forward in my life in ways I’d previously been hiding from.” ~ Amy