A willingness to take bold risks in the pursuit of the extra-ordinary

A 6 month intimate Mastermind that moves you forwards into all that is possible for you

A combination of pooling all your life experience together + hot seating + 121 access with me

This is a true Mastermind in nature, an opportunity for you to make a difference in your own life and in the lives of others by sharing your experience, skillsets, fears, dreams and having a safe space to celebrate as you up level.

The success of this Mastermind is through getting the right group of incredible impactful leaders together so we can become stronger together.

This has been carefully curated to nourish all of us and to create a collective journey where the extra-ordinary is possible.

The Audacious Leader is a Mastermind that people will look at and feel the power of. Where we come together to hold each other as we rise through our journey into service and impact.

A place of audacious service, impact and commitment to a greater cause. For ourselves and for the world.


A monthly group Mastermind session, this will be driven by you hot seating with each other + providing your expertise to the group

A monthly 30 minute 121 phone call session with me

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6 Monthly Payments


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