The Caroline Britton Immersion

A transformational 12 month Immersion into The Caroline Britton World

Running April 2022 to April 2023

Access to HIGH LEVEL LIVE Masterminds

18 X 121 sessions

BONUS 121 session with Caroline 

Access to signature online programs

Worth £25,000

What is included in this 1 year Immersion

Quantum Flow Mastermind

Everyone of us can access the quantum and then use our connection to ground it into our physical reality. Connecting to the quantum means operating with an energy that is outside of your thoughts, your conditioning and what seemingly feels possible. It transcends the limits of your ego and allows us to operate from a place of deep trust and connection.

This Mastermind will teach you how to access the quantum, the magic, source and soul and how to integrate this into ALL areas of your life. From your body, connection, mind and energy to your bank balance, relationships, work and serenity.

The Entrepreneurial Space

This is a sacred space for established business of all kinds. This energetic container fulfils many purposes, not only do you get to collaborate and network with other soul aligned entrepreneurs, you also get live teachings with Caroline, insight into a 7 figure business for an entire year, and 121 access to Team Caroline. If you have a business that is ready to go next level then this is an incredible activating Program to be part of.

The Gateway to The Goddesses Membership

The rise of YOU through The Radiant Goddesses. The wisdom of The Goddesses holds so much power. Their teachings hold an immense ability to be able to guide you through so many areas of your life. The power to break ancestral patterns, help you sit with your shadow self, and guide you to move through difficult emotions. All whilst showing you how to connect to your sovereignty and the truest essence of who you are. This is a 12 month journey of deep and magical transformation, healing, and activation with 12 Goddesses their teachings, integrations, and wisdom.

Energetics of Growth

I have always said that I have an energetic business.

One which defies most of the rules around the how, time and what should be possible.

This program contains the sacred teachings of all I have learnt, channelled and worked with as I created my 7 figure business.

This is a program about ENERGETICS + how to apply everything I teach you about ENERGY in a practical + focused way.

It’s the fusing of two worlds, the world of being and the world of doing, which has been the very key to my success.

The BRAND NEW Embodied Leadership Immersion

Welcoming in The Dawn of a New Age of The Conscious and Embodied Leader.

Changing the face of humanity one Leader at a time. 

This is for ALL Leaders in ALL industries who are ready to change the face of Leadership.

Embodied and Conscious Leadership will change the face of our planet.

Humanity depends on it.

In this 6 month Immersion I will show you how to Lead in a way that changes your life and the lives of those you Lead.

Online Program Access

Choose One:

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Fear to Founder

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Magnetic Marketing

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Mastery of Manifestation

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp The Divine Feminine 

Simply pick which program most speaks to you during the year and you will get FREE access

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PLUS 121 Access

1 x 30 minute 121 with Caroline

12 x 121's with our In House Coach

1 x 121s with our In House Tarot Reader

1 x Reading with our In House Psychic

1 x Past Life Regression Reading

3 x 121s with our In House Healing Coach/EFT Specialist


Pay in FULL



12 monthly Payments