The High Level


For Leaders. For Visionaries. For Change Makers

A highly activated place where we can come together to honour the legacy we have been called to create.

This is for coaches, mentors and healers who are already making their impact on the world but who are called to go so much further.

Who want to work together to push the parameters of what is possible + to fully step into their potential.

This is for Self-Led Game Changers who are ready to go to the next level for themselves, their clients and the collective so they can create a legacy of change for future generations.

3 Night 5 Star retreat with Caroline in Crete

6 Group Mastermind Calls

1:1 Access with Caroline +Voxer Support

When we work as coaches, healers and mentors there are many things that we need to master and embody.

Energy. Service. Impact. Boundaries. Innovation. Leadership.

Greater amounts of Growth. Power. Wealth. Visibility.

We cannot just tell people what to do. We need to show them.

We are being called towards deep EMBODIED LEADERSHIP with the work we do.

When you are truly stepping up as a change maker, the whole energy of your business shifts.

The whole energy of YOU shifts.

This 6 month Mastermind is for coaches, healers and mentors who are ready to take on more + to be in the energy of people who are also in this activated state of being.

Who are already having an impact but know they can go so much bigger.

Who are ready to receive more.

Who are ready to LEAD themselves, their clients and the world more.

Who want to model a powerful way of BEING for those around them.

The energy of this container is high and you must feel in an activated state in your current business.




This is for those who ARE TRULY READY FOR MORE.

Who know deep down that they are here to change the world. Who are already serving people but feel they are playing it small and can go so much bigger.

My vision is of a group of powerful, soul aligned and highly activated change makers who can come together and GROW.

Grow their wealth, their power, their reach, their service, their impact.

I have come to embody growth, wealth, power, impact and service.

I know there are people out there who feel the same calling as me.

Who desire to leave a legacy, to have global impact and to step up and lead.

These are the people I am calling in.

I am ready to help you lead, grow, activate and to push the parameters of all that you think is possible.

There is so much momentum when we get powerful + activated + soul aligned people together.

When we create more wealth + impact + shifting.

Imagine a group of people dedicated to changing the world.

This is your calling.

It’s time to step up and own who you truly are and the work you came here to do.


What do previous graduates have to say?

Jill Pinnington

Loretta Douglas

Simone Grove

What is included during this 6 month experience with me?

3 Night 5 Star VIP retreat in Greece.. This is an immensely powerful place + sacred experience. 

3 X 1:1 ‘s with me to be taken with Caroline over 6 months. 

6 Group calls

3 days Voxer support per month with Caroline 

Pictures of the Dream Villa you will be staying at…

Topics Covered

Month 1 March

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp  Group VIP Session focused on your vision + plan. Next level identity, Power and Purpose work

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp 1:1  Mentoring Session with Caroline

Month 2 April

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Frequency shifting from lack to desire

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp  GUEST EXPERT: Changing your money imprint through the power of the matrix with Catherine Morgan

Month 3 May

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Finding your power to step up and be unapologetically you

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp RETREAT + BIG activation

Month 4 June

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp The activation of your clients whilst having strong energetic boundaries

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp GUEST EXPERT: How you can scale to a 7 figure launch with expert marketing and business growth specialist Dawn McGruer

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp 1:1  Mentoring Session with Caroline

Month 5 July

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Diversifying your income streams, team support, global reach

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp GUEST EXPERT: How to grow to £100k followers with Magic Maggie, Think Like a Boss

Month 6 August

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Energy mastery – reaching the millions in income

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp 1:1  Mentoring Session with Caroline


We start in March 2023

The retreat will be in May 2023

Who is Caroline Britton?

Caroline is The Soul and Magic Coach™️ and an expert in helping Change Makers and High Achievers Lead from Soul and create Magic.

Caroline is a gifted psychic, mentor, coach and guide and is frequently described as a magic maker by those who work with her. Her innate gifts to be able to unlock people’s connection, potential and power has transformed thousands of lives.

Caroline is the author of Coming Home To You and has been featured in Forbes, The Telegraph, GQ, Red Magazine and numerous other publications. She has also been featured on numerous podcasts.

“From the moment I met Caroline the magic started happening, she is one of the most incredible humans I have ever met and worked with.”

Katie Marshall

“Caroline holds the vibrations for you to unlock your highest potentials and she believes in that entirely and you cannot help it to rise up to that energy. That is Caroline’s magic.”

Georgina Axon

“I am so proud for giving myself the gift of working with you and being in your energy. Best decision I’ve made.”

Noona Nafousi

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