Dream Big Workshop

The secrets to living the life you really want

(and not the one you think you should)


Wednesday 20th April, 2022 UK 5 p..m.

Are you finding yourself full of shoulds?

Are you settling for “things are fine” or “things aren’t that bad”?

Do you desire to truly step forwards and lead yourself to living your most fulfilled life?

Do you have blocks around putting your dreams into reality?

Are you full of fear about getting the change you know you want?

In this workshop I will teach you how to:

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Remove mindset blocks and work with fear

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Get into action and call in all that you desire

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Connect you back to your innate power to make anything happen

“From the moment I met Caroline the magic started happening. She is one of the most incredible humans I have ever met.”

We will be looking at

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp The power of intention and goal setting
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Utilising the universal power available to all of us
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Giving yourself permission to move forwards
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Anchoring yourself in your big vision
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Using the power of focus to manifest
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Dreaming big
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Raising your energetic vibration to attract what you want

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Dealing with fear + putting limiting beliefs in the back seat
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Overcoming money blocks + getting an abundant money mindset
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Owning your power
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Building confidence
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Creating a plan to move forwards

Who is this for?

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Those who feel there must be more to life
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Those who feel you are not allowing yourself to dream big or are dreaming big [and have no idea where to start]
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Those who have a burning desire to set up your own business, change careers, do something that feels risky or simply wants to manifest a new life for yourselves
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Those who are open to a world beyond what your ego has conditioned you to think
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Those who are ready to own your change + attract what you want into your life
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Those who are curious about how they can become unstuck or live up to their true potential

“Best coach of the year, millennium, universe goes to….Caroline Britton!! I’m in the US getting up at 3, 4, 5, 6 in the morning to meet with her and her team. Why? Because she lights me up! Her witchy ways are enamoring. If you haven’t taken one of her classes please do! 2021 will be the best because I invested in myself with Caroline.”

Who is Caroline Britton?

Caroline Britton is a global transformational + intuitive coach who will show you how to start living the life you really want with a combination of practical + spiritual tools.

Some people can inspire and energise CEOs, entrepreneurs and leaders of all kinds, cause them to rethink what they know, reshape what they do, outperform their old selves.

Others work just as profoundly with private individuals and their emotional, psychological and spiritual lives.

Caroline Britton does both, with equal power, compassion and effectiveness. Whoever she’s lucky enough to be working with, she sees only her gifts to help people – all people – to reconnect.

To reconnect with their best and essential selves, the selves they aspire to be.

Whoever you are, whatever brings you to your moment of change, Caroline helps you to see that you are enough, that you can free yourself from what no longer helps you, that this is when rebirth and rebuilding truly begin.

Feeling connected to something greater – to love, soul, support and light – transforms everything: what you do, how and why you do it, and the effect which it has on the world.

Caroline’s like an inspired party host or matchmaker. But instead of being a bridge between people, she’s the bridge between your soul and spirit. Instead of hooking you up with someone else, she reintroduces you to yourself, shows you the way home, the way to connectedness, and to light.

Caroline has been featured in Forbes, The Telegraph, GQ, Red Magazine and numerous other publications. She has also been featured on numerous podcasts and writes for Balance Magazine.

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