The Rise of you through The Radiant Goddesses:

A transformative journey with 12 Goddesses for deep transformation, healing and activation 

The wisdom of The Goddesses holds so much power.

Their teachings hold an immense ability to be able to guide us through so many areas of our life.

I believe that the ability to change the world and to create a better place for all the generations to come, starts with our commitment to “the work.”

A commitment to being able to heal on behalf of the collective, our children and the generations to come.

That we have immense power.

The power to break ancestral patterns.

The power to sit with the shadow self.

The power to be with difficult emotions.

The power to connect to our sovereignty. Our light. The truest essence of who we are.

Because somewhere along the lines we forgot. We forgot to tend to our internal well. To trust ourselves. To recognise that we have the power to heal ourselves.

To heal ourselves not because we are inherently broken but because we have never been taught that it’s safe for us to be with our feelings. That our soul grows and evolves as we sit with the shadows.

This Sacred Space will take you on a journey with 12 different Goddesses, each holding their own unique message for you.

Each Goddess teaching will take you deeper and deeper into you and all that is possible for you.

In many ways this is a great unlearning. An unlearning of how you have been taught or programmed with the way the world gets to be for you. An unlearning of the fear based reality that many live in. An unlearning that you are powerless and not enough.

And then an integration – an integration into the energy that these Goddesses hold. Where we use the potent energy available to each and everyone of you in order to unlock the keys to the truth of all that you are.

A spiritual being in physical form.

A being so connected, so powerful, so full of wisdom.

I will take you on a journey that can transform the world as you know it.

I am dedicated to this work. I believe in its power.

I know the impact it has when generations break the patterns of those that came before them.

Who will sit with the discomfort and shadows in order to break free of that which does not serve them.

The power that this work has for all those to come.

Because you can do it.

You can break the cycles of fear, lack, separateness, not enough-ness.

You can reclaim your power.

You can embody the energy that you want to bring through for those around you and those to come.

From the moment I met Caroline the magic started happening, She is one of the most incredible humans I have ever met and worked with. Caroline has helped me enormously – both in my private life and professionally – and the impact she has had on me is immense. The changes she has helped me make are genuinely life changing and I am her biggest champion. The world needs more people like Caroline Britton – but at the same time, there will only be one Caroline Britton. I am so grateful for all she has done and continues to do.” ~Katie Marshall

What is included in this experience?

12 Masterclasses & Energy Activations linked to a different Goddess Archetype 

12 Sacred Circle Ceremonies with energy work linked to a different Goddess Archetype


12 Journal Promts linked to our Goddess Archetype so you can explore in more depth the teachings that are coming through

The Goddess themes you will journey with


The Goddess of Change & Destruction

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Burning of the old making way for the new. Looking at & releasing ancestral patterns. 

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Getting rid of all that does not serve you 

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Releasing your ties to your ego & getting back to the truth of all you are


The Goddess of Boundaries

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Creating boundaries in all areas of your life 

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Learning to say no & to value the way you want to spend your time 

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Protecting yourself & understanding the power of the auric field  


The Goddess of The Wilderness

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Exploring your wild woman 

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Connecting to the wisdom of the natural world

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Connecting to the guidance of the wilderness & all she has to teach us through the stages of womanhood


The Goddess of Abundance

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Working with the energy of true abundance & what it actually means

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Overcoming blocks & resistance to bliss & abundance in all areas

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Embodying the feeling of abundance – with spiritually & materially 


The Goddess of all that Flows

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Creating flow in all areas of our life by working with the watery element of the womb

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Activating our creativity – using the feminine to get back into flow

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Giving birth to the endless seas of potential that exist within you


The Goddess of Pleasure & Magic

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Bringing back to life your sexual pleasure & power

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Turning yourself back on & focusing on joy 

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Activating your sexuality throughout the ages

Quan Yin

The Goddess of Compassion

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Forgiveness of yourselves and others

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Working through uncertainty & despair

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Activating the heart & her ability to flourish in the face of adversity

Green Tara

The Goddess of Moving Forwards

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Moving forwards with true soul aligned intention 

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Taking action from soul & what that feels & looks like

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Working with infinite possibilities & magic 


The Goddess of Playfulness

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Remembering how to play & letting life be fun

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Re-connecting to joy, laughter

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Learning from our childlike selves & returning home to who we really are 


The Goddess of The Earth

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Working with the energy of the earth

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Working with ritual, groundedness & the energy of below

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Activating the wisdom coming through from the roots of the trees

White Buffalo

The Goddess of Receiving

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Learning to receive physically, spiritually and energetically 

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp The rise without the struggle – letting it be easy

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Understanding being an energetic match for all you desire to receive 


The Goddess of Discernment

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp How do you actually want to live

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp How do you want to show up in this world 

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Nourishing yourself first & foremost and discerning the difference from your truths & the stories of others 

The Gateway of The Goddesses is an online program


Cost: £800 [incl. vat]


“I want to start by saying that I have never met such an inspirational woman, so compassionate, non-judgemental and I will be forever grateful to you for giving me the tools to become the person I am meant to be. I am the most joyful I have been since I was a child and I am excited for the future.  This doesn’t even begin to capture the difference you have made to my life but from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!”

 Who is Caroline Britton?

Some people can inspire and energise CEOs, entrepreneurs and leaders of all kinds, cause them to rethink what they know, reshape what they do, outperform their old selves.

Others work just as profoundly with private individuals and their emotional, psychological and spiritual lives.

Caroline Britton does both, with equal power, compassion and effectiveness. Whoever she’s lucky enough to be working with, she sees only her gifts to help people – all people – to reconnect.

To reconnect with their best and essential selves, the selves they aspire to be.

Whoever you are, whatever brings you to your moment of change, Caroline helps you to see that you are enough, that you can free yourself from what no longer helps you, that this is when rebirth and rebuilding truly begin.

Feeling connected to something greater – to love, soul, support and light – transforms everything: what you do, how and why you do it, and the effect which it has on the world.

Caroline’s like an inspired party host or matchmaker. But instead of being a bridge between people, she’s the bridge between your soul and spirit. Instead of hooking you up with someone else, she reintroduces you to yourself, shows you the way home, the way to connectedness, and to light.

Caroline previously worked in a global consultancy for 14 years, is a mother to two small children and has been featured in Forbes, The Telegraph, GQ, Red Magazine and numerous other publications. She has also been featured on numerous podcasts and writes for Balance Magazine. Caroline is passionate about empowering you to make your world and the world around you a better place.


“I have never felt this way before.

So happy.

So alive.

So aligned.

So at peace.

I’m the lowest weight I’ve been in years.

All of my aches and pains are gone.

I just had the best period I’ve had in 18 months…no pain.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Because it all started with YOU!

Had we not found each other, I would still be stuck.

I would still be on a path that ignored my soul and inner knowing.

You are magical.”

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