The Great Reclaiming of Your Leadership Codes:

The Masterclass

Welcoming in the Age of The Conscious and Embodied Leader

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People everywhere are starting to reclaim the way in which they want to

Lead themselves
Lead others
Lead their lives
The Age of the Conscious and Embodied Leader is here.

In this Masterclass I will teach you what this truly means and how it has the capacity to change everything.

“I love working with you so much. You have transformed my life”

Who is it for?

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp If you are looking to break the old paradigms and lead yourself and your life in a way that can shift everything

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp If you are in a role of Leadership in your job or business and are navigating highs and lows

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Anyone who wants to grow and evolve beyond where they are now – Leadership codes are key

What we will cover

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp What we have come to associate with Leadership and how it limits us 

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Leading through difficulties and times of ease

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp The new face of Leadership and your role within it

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Leadership codes and how to activate them 

What will be included




Cost: £44 (This session is recorded with forever access)

Please bring a journal, notebook and pen, plus a blanket for the energy work

“The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream. The oak sleeps in the acorn.”

James Allen


Recently I did an incredible piece of energy work where I was taken into an underground space beneath the soil and I was asked to insert a golden acorn within my heart chakra.

When I felt the acorn land in my heart I realised it was upside down and had turned brown.

As I went about turning it very slowly the right way up I realised that there was resistance in letting it go up towards the light and through the soil.

From beneath the ground I was shown how much more comfortable it feels to keep it buried quietly beneath the soil.

Like a deep seated feeling of “well at least I have the acorn” and I can have it as a back up to use when I need it.

When I followed the energy above the soil I saw a crowd of people I know and those I didn’t.

I felt really worried about this next level of visibility.

They were all quiet and watching my every move.

There was this fear that surely the more we allow people to see us, the more we open ourselves up to the judgment of others?

The opinions of others. The projections of others.

It was in this moment that I realised that my desire to keep myself safe and to control the reactions of others has limited the next level which I know is now fully on it’s way.

And as I sat in that energy work, beneath the ground, I got this clear message, what would happen if you stopped…

Trying to get everyone to like you?
Trying to keep everyone happy?
Trying to tow the line and not say too much and be too much?
Trying to placate yourself for the demands of others?

And what if you just trusted that whatever you need to say or do now is divinely guided for the highest good of yourself and others?

And then just like that, the acorn turned gold and started to grow. A forest of oak trees started to be shown above the soil.

And then yesterday on a walk I asked for a sign.

One minute later, there was an envelope and printed on it said….


I picked up that envelope and heard a voice to look at the house it sat outside of.

The number?

88 – abundance, abundance

The name of the house – Oakwood

The message? The acorn has already grown, the Oaks are there….it’s now making it’s way to be on the human field.

We must always trust where we are being guided, even when there is resistance.

If you are ready and feeling the call to start germinating your seeds that the divine has planted then I am here to show you how in this brand new Masterclass.