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Human Behaviour and Emotions, Energetics and Business Mastery

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“One of the best decisions I have made in my life was investing in becoming accredited through Illumina.”

Join the House of Illumina and become a Level 5 world class Transformational Life Coach where we will teach you a diverse range of modalities, tools and trainings. Over 12 months together you will master energetics, somatics, mindset, intuition, business strategy, personal healing and transformation.

The Illumina team will guide you
to becoming a world-class Transformational Coach and teach you our trusted methods to create a wildly successful coaching business.

Learn our industry leading expansion coaching model to transform your life and the lives of your clients. This is an experience that will completely revolutionise your life and the lives of the people you work with.

Welcome to The House of Illumina where training and transformation take place simultaneously.

This is the first and last life coaching certification you will ever need.

“You will be blown away”

Meet your founders

The House of Illumina was co-founded by 3 incredible women who have generated multiple 7 figures collectively in their businesses. As global experts in their field they have coached thousands of people accross the world through their global coaching businesses.


Our founders are on a mission to change the face of traditional coaching by bringing in a more holistic approach to transforming the lives of people accross the world. Knowing the power of a diverse set of coaching modalities our founders are merging their 3 zones of genius to create huge transformation for you and your clients.
Blending Human Behaviour and emotions, Energetics and business success mastery creates pure magic. We are excited for you to learn more.

Caroline Britton is a powerful Intuitive Coach and an expert in waking up Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Public Figures to live a life of freedom, purpose and joy. She specialises in being an agent of change for people who are ready to transform their lives.

Victoria’s expertise lies in helping her clients to confidently pivot into a new business, new direction and fill their programmes with the belief, energetics and strategies to make it happen. Victoria has a zero-burnout policy!

Suzie’s expertise lies in helping people to heal their trauma, master their emotional and energetic intelligence and build and scale a wildly successful business in a joyful, impactful and sustainable way.

Our Mission Statement

We are here to transform the coaching industry so that more incredible people can be out there teaching these powerful healing modalities that change lives. Here at The House of Illumina we recognise the importance of coming away from cookie cutter coaching and instead teach you the life changing transformation modalities that have changed our lives and the lives of our clients.

What you will learn

The Illumina HUMAN EXPANSION Coaching Model™

 Learn unique and transformational ways of coaching clients by using an intuitive mind, body and soul approach to produce profound transformation

Access deep personal transformation through learning about yourself and your own trauma, epigenetics, family constellations, shadow work, emotional intelligence, and how to become more conscious.

 Open up to Intuitive Coaching skills that enable you to go way beyond the mind and use a deeper spiritual connection for out of these world results

Crafting your own unique way of Coaching that enables you to deliver exceptional results and gain an amazing  reputation for doing work that you love

Monetise your skills the soul-led way that gives you freedom, impact and flexibility.

Create thriving income streams and revenue through your unique ways of coaching to support you as your impact amplifies.

Build a thriving business that never burns you out and feels true to who you are

Who is this for?

Women who want to:

Develop exceptional coaching skills with our pioneering Human Expansion Coaching Model™

Become an accredited world-class Certified Transformational Life Coach – Level 5

Learn the strategies to build a thriving business without complex funnels

Receive 12 months of high-level support through regular live group Q&A and mentoring sessions

Access the power of community and deepen their unique coaching style and confidence through fortnightly coaching practice pods

Accelerate their business with our go to proven strategies that have created over 7 figures in revenue

“A transformative experience both personally & professionally.”

What you will receive over the 12 months

Over 55 hours
of self-paced pre-recorded online trainings

12 months of business support throughout and after your certification
Our founders and in-house experts will help you with marketing, messaging, tech, strategy, launches and PR

Access to 4 hours of live support calls each month for 12 months including mentoring calls, training, and practice pods with our incredible Illumina coaching team. Yes that is 48 hours of LIVE calls  in 12 months!

World class Community
where you join a vibrant and supportive peer group to connect, network and flourish

House Of Alignment™
Exercises, tools, workbooks, models, and practices you can customise to your client’s needs to help them create lasting change

Next level energetics and intuition work
A wide range of powerful techniques to become a certified intuitive coach

Meet our Team of Experts who will be on hand to guide you

Glenda is our in house Accredited Mindset & Intuitive Coach who uses a holistic mind body soul approach to coaching and creates deep levels of transformation for her clients.

Lynsey is a Certified Coach and Strategist and is The House of Illumina’s Client Concierge and our in house Tech and Marketing genius.

Rebecca is a skilled Counsellor, Intuitive Coach and Reiki Practitioner who creates a nurturing environment for growth, healing and transformation.

Why are we different?

This isn’t just a Coach Training programme – it’s a life-changing experience
We provide you with a cutting-edge blend of cognitive, energetic, intuitive, emotional, embodiment, and somatic techniques to help you deeply transform your clients and become a wildly successful Certified Transformational Life Coach

We give you the structure, skills and strategy akin to handing you a successful business in a box with expert marketing guidance, growth techniques and unparalleled levels of live support and accountability…

We also create a space where you will redefine your sense-of-self, develop an unshakeable confidence in your abilities, and heal on your journey to unlocking the most profound level of self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-love.

The house of Illumina is pioneering and developing a new level of experiential and deep personal transformational healing and training. It’s the home for those who want to discover the magic of personal development and transformation, so they can prioritise healing, growth, and inner transformation and learn to upskill, retrain or master their skills and create a legacy of change.

“I never imagined being a coach and now I can’t imagine not being a coach.”

The Core Modules

The HUMAN EXPANSION Coaching Model™

is our pioneering modality toolkit

Module 1: Fundamentals of Coaching

In this module we introduce the scientific and foundational models used for coaching, giving you all you need to build your coaching skills and knowledge. This module helps to set you up for success and gives you the confidence to hold space for your clients. Even if you’re already a coach this module will truly open you up to not only what it takes to be a successful coach but also the confidence to start getting results with your clients immediately.

Module 2: Intuition, Energetics and Divine Guidance

Intuition allows us to tap into our internal wisdom, our inner voice and empowers us to make healthy choices for ourselves. So, in this module, you’ll learn the science behind intuition and how to develop and deepen your intuitive capabilities. You’re given tools and practices to help you embody your intuition and we’ll also show you how to notice and feel into blocks and connect with spirit for guidance reading client energy. We’ll also show you how to empower your clients to go within, deeper and further than ever before.

Module 3: Human Behaviours and Emotions

Human behaviour, human alignment and emotions are at the core of all we do here at Illumina. In this module, we show you how our neural pathaways are formed and beliefs installed AND we show you how to shift them. We look at our conscious mind and our subconscious mind to discover the roots of patterns, cycles, and addictions so that we can begin to make changes. You’ll learn that regulating our emotions is essential to our wellbeing and so we help you understand how it works AND how to align your life, transform your thought patterns, and self-regulate with tools you and your clients can use.

Module 4: Money and Manifestations

In this module we explore the science behind manifestation, and how the law of attraction and human alignment accelerate our ability to receive. We’ll cover topics such as receiving, energetic boundaries, vibrational energy, and how this helps our clients get more out of life. We also look at the subjects of detaching and surrendering so that you can help clients release the blocks and narratives that are no longer serving them and achieve success.

Module 5: Family Constellations

In this module we’ll dive into epigenetics, explore why we are who we are, and learn how our ancestors impact our journey. In constellations, we look at the connection of current life issues and problems to past generations in your family. Understanding family constellations can accelerate our clients’ learning, healing, and transformations and support you to open up to a whole new level of energetic and subconscious awareness so that your clients can experience huge breakthroughs (as will you!).

Module 6: Shadow Work
Module 7: Trauma and Somatic Coaching

In this module, we discover the brain-body connection and harness an understanding of different types of trauma and its leading causes so that we can apply this wisdom within our coaching practice. We look at how the traumatised brain works, attachment styles, the symptoms both subtle and pronounced, how different aspects can block a client’s success, and how we can move our clients forward.

Module 8: Neuroscience

Investment and Payment Plan

Pay in full


Payment plan

£450 x 12 months

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What do our clients say

“Training with Illumina has been a total joy to experience. It was so much more than I was expecting, the curriculum is so stimulating and the support is incredible. ”

Amber Silverman

“The shifts I’ve felt already only being on module 2 have been incredible! A space to become more in touch with our soul while learning how to help others do the same is the most wonderful thing.”

Anna Botley

“I did not expect to go on the personal journey of discovery that I did, I did not think I would meet so many amazing and inspirational women… It has by far exceeded my learning expectations.”

Jemma Remedy

“The change I feel has taken place within myself. Being led and supported by amazing women. Getting to the end of the training and knowing exactly how I plan to implement it and serve my ideal clients.”

Lisa Porto

“This is the puzzle piece I have been waiting to find.
I’m not sure I can find the words to do it justice!”

Nikolett Dean

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