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‟I know you probably get many messages but I felt so compelled to say thank you. I have purchased your course and OMG.  The root chakra work spoke to my soul and now I truly understand and am ready to release. My body is releasing pure, held emotion that I’ve had for YEARS and I’ve barely scratched the surface with your course. This is going to change my life beyond all I believed possible.  Sorry to gush but the divine timing blows me away every time and I’m grateful. Thank you for all that you do.”

That session was incredible. One of the best. Before those ropes were cut I could feel it so physically, literally like being strangled. There was a girl pulling the ropes, she was thin, starving, and looked to belong at least a hundred years ago maybe more. She was so scared but when those ropes were cut she sat right by me and I held her so tight.  INCREDIBLE CAROLINE.

My bold move is to actually commit to a daily writing practise. At first I thought it had to be bold as in ‘in the public eye’ but those feels like a bold move, to commit to this daily, non-negotiable, that feels like stepping into that vision I now have” ~Karen Staniland-Platt

One of the ways to break free from what is holding you back is to work with the subconscious, notice and release trapped emotions in the energy bodies and to let go of ancestral blocks you are carrying.


These blocks play out in many ways such as:-

Self sabotage

Not feeling worthy or enough

A fear of visibility, wealth and success

Money blocks

Overworking and/or over-giving

An inability to move beyond where you are now or to keep getting stuck in the same cycles with life and your work.

Our sub conscious mind is running about 95% of the show meaning your coding and programming is attracting nearly everything you see in your current reality. A lot of this coding is stored in our energy bodies and from what we have unconsciously carried from our parents and ancestors.

This program is designed to show you how to go deep and release and shift ancestral and energetic coding that is no longer serving you.

Having done this work on myself and having applied it through thousands of hours of coaching I can tell you these teachings work. It creates magic. It transforms.

Now this work is profound.

It takes one person to break ancestral cycles that have been unknowingly carried through generations.
We break these patterns for our children to come. For ourselves. For the world.

I have done so many of your programs and lives and I don’t normally message you afterwards but after today I really felt I needed to.

I have been thinking a lot about conditioning and coding recently particularly around my people pleasing and if my opinions are really my own. So the timing of this coming up was perfect for me, but I was blown away by how much came up today and how good releasing it felt.

The thing I didn’t realise until we did the paternal and maternal work was the conflicting messages I’ve been given growing up. It’s almost as if I’ve been told to be ambitious and that I can do anything BUT within reason and don’t take it too far. I think it’s part of the reason I stay small and have so much self doubt and fear. Seeing it today has really shifted something in me now. Thank you for all the work you do, I get so much value every time I do your courses.

I’m so grateful.” ~Renuka Ravichandran

What is covered?

Session 1 - THE ROOT

The root of you, root chakra work, inner child work, anger, forgiveness, watching your victim role, clarity in chaotic thoughts, your true desires

Session 2 - THE SACRAL

The negative mind, sacral chakra work, working through limiting beliefs, subconscious re-programming, the role of the ego, creating conscious boundaries, honouring emotions, feeling enough, releasing guilt

Session 3 - THE SOLAR

The solar plexus, self-esteem, self-worth, freedom of choice, personal power, inner knowing, confidence, value, empowering habits, knowing you are enough

Session 4 - THE HEART

The heart chakra, self-love, acceptance, the art of receiving, listening to your heart over your head, moving forwards, honouring your soul. Putting more heart and joy into everything


An Ancestral Healing Session

using a combination of Teaching, Energy Work and Visualisation.

You have immediate access to all the sessions.

I wanted to say what an epic journey today’s session was. I know we’ve done ancestral work in other programmes but gosh today was another level.

The burning in my solar plexus from writing the initial responses to maternal and paternal lines was intense.

I don’t even remember half of what happened in meditation or even being in my ancestral circle……..I was off somewhere else.

I remember being on the golden path but then was stopped as something ran across it, I want to say a rabbit but it was like freeze framing a movie!

There was a black and white image of rows of girls in uniforms just staring at me.

I had black lines speeding to the right in a channel and at the end, arrived to see fields and trees just floating in front of me.

Just epic on every level!

Thank you thank you thank you” ~ Nykki Rogers

Who is it for?

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp If you who feel something is holding you back but your are not sure what
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp If you notice you get into the same blocks and patterns around creating or holding on to money
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp If you notice you shy away from being your true self and visibility
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp If you feel strong emotions are coming up but are not sure how to process them
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp If you are ready to break free from old ancestral or family patterns and allow yourself to receive all you came here to receive
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp If you are struggling with relationships or love in your life

You get access to 5 online chakra healing sessions immediately!

£299 [Incl. VAT]

‟If you are going through anything in your life. If you feel like you need help with some stuff, letting go, fears, relationship problems, stresses – she is the right person to call. I can’t recommend her highly enough” ~Zoe Hardman

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