Inviting you to 9 months of training and initiation to become

The Modern Day Priestess

The Pathway includes….

11 LIVE Divination Trainings with Caroline

6 LIVE Q&As with Caroline

In Person Spiritual Immersion Day

Tarot Reading + Akashic Record Reading


“Caroline has been a pivotal part of me stepping more into my truth, expansion, and authenticity and continues to be a guiding force who supports and cheerleads me in her unique and beautiful way.”

As a Modern Day Priestess you are an energy disruptor, a force for good and a woman of immense power. You are deeply connected to a sense of purpose and change.

You lead, you speak your truth and you work closely with spirit to effect great change.

You are a woman who knows her mission, who has the ability to work with the supernatural and who prioritises working with divination tools on a daily basis.

You refuse to do life in a way that is contained, small and limited.

You have a great intellect and psychic abilities that you use to help humanity. You are a gifted healer, seer and visionary.

You are often given profound messages that you have a responsbility to act on.

You can shape shift, work with the elements, transcend time and 3D realities and perfom magic on a daily basis. Magic that people often don’t know you are doing.

You have visions of a better world and know your part in LEADING this is fundamental.

The Modern Day Priestess defies rules and expectations and radiates power and light. She understands the power of her presence alone, it transforms.

She has grace and a deep connection to her feminine. She often has wit, intellect and charm. Graced with the powers of communication, the art of speech and writing she is able to create impact through multiple ways.

She is a force and powerful beyond measure.

She is you.

Are you ready to step into your calling and begin a 9 month intitiation into becoming The Modern Day Priestess?

What Divination Tools will you be learning?

The opening ceremony

Meeting The Council of Light, your guides & your spirit team.

Understanding how you vibrationally communicate with them

Connecting to your psychic gifts

The Art of Mediumship, Signs, Numbers

Developing the 5 Clairs [senses]

Grid work, light work, earth work, womb work

Staying protected

Remote energy activations 

Energy mastery

Healing, alchemy, bodywork, locating blocks, wounds, removing attachments

Ascended Masters guidance/archangel guidance + attunements

Past life visits + Akashic record visit

Transcending time + dimensions, Astral travelling, Visiting different locations. Going forwards + back in time

Working with the earth, herbs, rituals, altars, crystals

Opening portals + creating your dream life

Working with the 10 energy bodies 

Healing the witch, ancestor, feminine, masculiune and healer wounds

Closing Ceremony. Creating your version of the Modern Priestess Pathway

Do you have the calling to become The Modern Day Priestess?

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp You feel in your bones you are gifted beyond measure & have a great purpose in life

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp You believe in the supernatural & want to have magic as the greater context for your life 

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp You desire to heal, shift and create for humanity 

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp You were born to lead 

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp You want to leave a legacy of light 

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp You are truly ready to step into a power like you have never known, for the good of all 

What is the investment?

The Modern Day

Priestess Pathway


£9,999 or

11 x monthly payments of £999

The Modern Day

Priestess Pathway 
9 x 1:1’s with Caroline

£19,999 or

11 x monthly payments of £1,999

What do my clients say

“I feel like I can access and have an unshakable belief and doubt to follow my intuition”

Kellie Rose

“I cannot say enough about Caroline. She’s been the angel on my shoulders while building my business”

Carly Hamilton-Jones

“When you are with Caroline you feel like the magic is happening .”

Noona Nafousi

“I don’t know if I can articulate the magic of the journey together”

Suzie Cuthbertson

“A single session has transformed into three years of journeying into joy.”

Angela Simpson

“Best decision I made for myself was investing in your energy.”

Noona Nafousi

“To be honest, I sometimes can’t even put into words the shift that has taken place because of working with Caroline.”

Lizzie Benton

“From the moment I met Caroline the magic started happening, she is one of the most magical people I have ever met.”

Katie Marshall

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