A few times a year I offer the opportunity for 5 people to get together with me in person at my house so I can go deep into your energy, shift mindset blocks or answer business questions.

These days are kept small so that each of you will have the opportunity to get powerful & laser focused coaching & energy work from me during the day.

These sessions are incredibly powerful & magical. You can use these sessions for any areas of focus you like.

What We Cover

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Part 1. I will channel and share any messages that need to come through for you as a group.

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Part 2. Next I will go through each of you one by one and tune into your energy. We will work out where you need to utilise your gifts and what you can do to work through your challenge areas. I will also look closely at your blocks, numerology and energy so I can see quickly anything that needs to be shifted. During each 121 slot, you will get to listen and be inspired about what messages come through for the other people in our space.

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Part 3. We will then have a coffee break and I will start talking through common themes that we are seeing from a personal and energy perspective and have a group discussion.

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Part 4. Following that we will have lunch. In the afternoon we will have more 121 focus as we work through each of you again [hence such a small group] and talk more on strategy, business, forward movement or anything else you want to focus on – honing in on the specifics.

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp 5. Then we will finish with energy work, clearing and a meditation!

After your VIP day you will receive

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp 1 x 60 minute Tarot Reading

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Access to one month of The Expansion Mastermind group calls so you can continue to work with me after our VIP day

Upcoming Date

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Monday 25th April, UK 10am-3:30 pm – LUNCH is included

LOCATION: Hale – closest train station Wilmslow [20 minutes from my house] or Manchester Airport [7 minutes from my house] 

“Thank you thank you thank you. I can’t really comprehend how generous, kind and loving you were to me. I came with some questions, some deep questions. You answered them all and more. You answered them lovingly, with care and attention and I understood everything and I understood you too. Thank you. And I ignored it all in the panic and flail of starting something new. Maybe it was just too much in that moment. Still, I have listened and am filled brim full with excitement. I know it’s already begun but I feel like I can say that now it begins and I am sorry for the hiatus. Not only did you answer my questions but you thought ahead too. You saw what I would be struggling with and that is what deflected me – the lack of support, the panic, the insidious activities of the mind which took me away from my inner life. But at least I can sit here now looking with the eyes of my higher self and understand what my next steps need to be.

With heartfelt thanks for your generosity of spirit” John – After VIP Day

Who is Caroline Britton?

Caroline Britton is a psychic coach, healer, energy alchemist and magic maker.

Some people can inspire and energise CEOs, entrepreneurs and leaders of all kinds, cause them to rethink what they know, reshape what they do, outperform their old selves.

Others work just as profoundly with private individuals and their emotional, psychological and spiritual lives.

Caroline Britton does both, with equal power, compassion and effectiveness. Whoever she’s lucky enough to be working with, she sees only her gifts to help people – all people – to reconnect.

To reconnect with their best and essential selves, the selves they aspire to be.

Whoever you are, whatever brings you to your moment of change, Caroline helps you to see that you are enough, that you can free yourself from what no longer helps you, that this is when rebirth and rebuilding truly begin.

Feeling connected to something greater – to love, soul, support and light – transforms everything: what you do, how and why you do it, and the effect which it has on the world.

Caroline’s like an inspired party host or matchmaker. But instead of being a bridge between people, she’s the bridge between your soul and spirit. Instead of hooking you up with someone else, she reintroduces you to yourself, shows you the way home, the way to connectedness, and to light.

Caroline previously worked in a global consultancy for 14 years, is a mother to two children and has been featured in Forbes, The Telegraph, GQ, Red Magazine and numerous other publications. She has also been featured on numerous podcasts and writes for Balance Magazine. Caroline is passionate about empowering you to make your world and the world around you a better place.

“Caroline creates a space where you feel like you are in a committed relationship. A creative, collaborative, respectful, loving and safe relationship with her and with yourself. A relationship where deep healing and transformation can take place. A relationship designed to help you genuinely move to the next level of your life – and be a more you version of you than you could ever have imagined.

Caroline is deeply intuitive, she is divinely connected, she is wise, she is compassionate and is guided by the feminine force within her. Caroline is smart, she is bright, she is pragmatic, she is experienced and works with her masculine power to guide you through the doing part of your transformation.

Wow, how my business has transformed. This time last year, I wouldn’t have imagined that I would be working 121 with women to help them create positive change. I wouldn’t have imagined cosy and creative circles for women to gather and grow. I wouldn’t have imagined curating one month or three month programmes to create connection, offer support, share knowledge and create a deeper understand of the self and soul. And I certainly wouldn’t have imagined running a year long programme or a weekend retreat balancing meditation and movements nature and nurture, ceremony and creativity. I have created my absolute dream business. Of course, there were threads in what I had already created with The Owl & The Apothecary, but I needed Caroline to help pull those thread together, help me connect to my inner witch and give me confidence to really go for it. And this is paying off, massively.

I am in conversation with a couple of publishing houses about writing a book, I have just launched my biggest programme. And I am a happier, more witchy, more connected, more me version of me than I have been for years.

The magic of Caroline is real. She is authentic. She is heart driven and results led.” – Katy