Navigating Your Moment of Change

Come and join me, Caroline Britton for this FREE 3 module program, helping you to Navigate your Moment of Change and where you can experience my magic first hand. 

All sessions are available now 

Note: These sessions are all pre-recorded

“Caroline is changing lives, the results are simply remarkable”

Ready for some serious magic and change in your life?


Then come and join me for my free 3 module program, full of my teachings and wisdom plus insight into my experience of building a six figure business ….there is something for everyone.

During these free training sessions you will witness my healing, energy alchemising, channeling and providing guidance. You can watch as I go into total flow and share all that is flowing through me. Even though these sessions are pre-recorded you can still expect to experience magic and transformation.

“Caroline is deeply intuitive, she is divinely connected, she is wise, she is compassionate and is guided by the feminine force within her. Caroline is smart, she is bright, she is pragmatic, she is experienced and works with her masculine power to guide you through the doing part of your transformation.

This is Caroline’s unique gift – the balancing of the feminine and the masculine to create truly transformative results. This balance of mysticism and pragmatism, the balance of the yin and the yang, the balance of the universe and the balancing of all your parts.

Caroline creates a space where you feel like you are in a committed relationship. A creative, collaborative, respectful, loving and safe relationship with her and with yourself. A relationship where deep healing and transformation can take place. A relationship designed to help you genuinely move to the next level of your life – and be a more you version of you than you could ever have imagined”


~ Katy Theakston

My intention is to create healing and transformation for all, at a level you haven’t realised is possible.

And these FREE video sessions are my first step in being able to do that.


I want to guide you away from the fear, the ego, the limiting thoughts and towards the light, the soul connection, the expansiveness.

You are invited to come and step into my world of magic. Come and see how my teachings and presence can shift you to another level.

Everyone of you will be held in this space.

I am ready for you.

Interested to know more? Here is a breakdown of the sessions.

All sessions are available online with forever access so you can come back to them time and time again.

Session 1: The power of healing your connection to your soul

This is for those of you who feel disconnected, burnt out, angry, frazzled, lacking in self love or are feeling totally lost. 

This session will teach you how to:

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp 2.19.352 Work with different emotions and alchemise lower vibrations into higher ones
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp 2.19.352 Understand how your energy bodies & chakras work and how you can work with them in day to day life
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp 2.19.352 How to come away from fear towards love
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp 2.19.352 How to heal areas of yourself that are yearning to be heard
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp 2.19.352 How to honour the heart

Session 2: Pushing past fear and creating the life and business you truly desire

This is for those of you who are having wobbles, blocks or worries about your business idea or business and want a whole new perspective. 

This session will teach you how to:

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp 2.19.352 Get a better mindset around your business
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp 2.19.352 Push through money blocks
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp 2.19.352 Get a different perspective on where you at
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp 2.19.352 Run your business from a place of service and innovation

Session 3: The role of surrender, soul work and spirituality

This is for those of you who want to explore your connection to the Universe and something bigger than you

This session will teach you how to:

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp 2.19.352 Work with the energy of flow rather than resistance
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp 2.19.352 Honour your soul’s calling
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp 2.19.352 Stop hustling and learning to trust

“Thank you for this wisdom. It’s emotional. I am amazed at the impact it had on me”

“This was wonderful – thank you, Caroline!!”

“Thank you for speaking to my soul”

“For any of you thinking of working with Caroline, I have two words for you. DO IT”

“A real life earth angel, I will forever be grateful for what you have unlocked in me”

“If you want to achieve the happiest, highest version of yourself – work with Caroline. It really is that simple”