Your Reconnection to Soul & Spirit

– The LIVE IN PERSON event with Caroline Britton-


Thursday 30th September 2021, 10.30am-4pm

At The Nash Conservatory, Kew Gardens, London

“From the moment I met Caroline the magic started happening, she is one of the most incredible humans I have ever met.”

I know that now, more than ever, we all need to feel and be reconnected to soul & spirit.

And I know that teaching you how, in person, will hold immense energy for magic and transformation to occur too. I am so excited to be in a physical space with you all – using my gifts to heal, energy alchemise, inspire and guide you back to yourselves.

Following a year of restrictions, I would love to invite you to join together with other like minded souls to experience my incredible channeling and teachings in person and to show you how to reconnect back to soul and spirit.

Whoever you are, whatever your circumstances, you will know on a soul level if you are being called to this event. This is for those of you who are ready to start living a more connected life, with more abundance, space, clarity, joy, purpose, passion, direction, trust and expansiveness. A life that beautifully balances the masculine and feminine energies – where a sacred union occurs within you.

My unique combination of gifts will lead you to all of this; a deeper connection to yourself, to your space within, to your soul and spirit and to your ultimate transformation. This work is my superpower.

No matter whether you are a leader or in the public eye, a CEO or start up entrepreneur, or an individual embarking on your own healing journey, this is where I advise everyone to start, it is THE fundamental work I do and where all journeys truly begin.

Not always comfortable, but always needed, the journey back to soul and connecting to spirit can mean uncovering old wounds, working through resistance and deep healing to unlock your ultimate potential. Having done this work on myself and having applied it through thousands of hours of coaching, I know this stuff works. It creates magic. It transforms.

I know the potency of coming together, the energy we can create, the beliefs we can shift, the expansion we can initiate, the power within us we can unleash. Are you ready?


“Caroline’s wisdom, her kindness, her love & her ‘other worldliness’ makes you, at times, catch your breath.”

The event will take place at The Nash Conservatory, Kew Gardens, London on Thursday 30th September 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Please note lunch or hot drinks will not be provided but it is a short walk to access provisions.  A goody bag with refreshments & treats will be provided.

There is also an opportunity to upgrade your ticket for a VIP place which includes the day event PLUS a 90 minute intimate Q and A with Caroline which will take place 16:30-18:00 [Only 15 places available for VIP option]

What will be covered?

Session 1: Connecting back to soul 10:30am - 12:15pm

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Understanding the way we have been conditioned away from soul & into a reliance on the cerebral, fear, ego & the manipulated masculine energies

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Working through the blocks that stop you connecting back to soul

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Working with your energy bodies, the body and chakra work to connect into the heart

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Working with the divine feminine & divine masculine & going deep into the truth of who you are & why you are here

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Shifting the conditioning away from looking outside of you to connecting within to soul

Session 2: Connecting to the Magic of The Universe 13:15-14:45

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Understanding the power of energy, vibration and choice

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Looking for signs, synchronicity and guidance

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Connecting to something greater than you

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Using your body, your heart, your womb, your sacral to connect to infinite possibilities

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Working within the Quantum and the field of infinite possibilities

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Starting to work with the power of the Universe

Session 3: Group guided meditation, visualisation & energy activation 15:00-16:00

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp I will be taking you into channel and guiding you through an energy activation to release blocks, connect you back to soul and to connect with your spirit guides.

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Please bring a warm jumper for this session in case you become cold. 

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp You are welcome to join all sessions or pick the ones which most resonate with you.

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp This is going to be such a special and wonderful environment to be able to do this session in.

Overview of the details

♦ Date and time: Thursday 30th September 2021 – 10.30am-4.00pm

♦ What’s included: A goody bag with water, a snack and some lovely goodies will be available. Please note lunch will not be provided but it is a short walk to some local amenities. 

Price: £149 for day event/£349 for a VIP place which includes the day event PLUS a 90 minute intimate Q and A with Caroline which will take place 16:30-18:00 [Only 15 places available for VIP option]

♦ Address: The Nash Conservatory, Kew Gardens, Richmond, London, TW9 3AE

What to bring: Notepad, pen, paper, water, something warm [for when we do the visualisation]

♦ Getting there

Kew Bridge station is 800m from Elizabeth Gate, via Kew Bridge. South West Trains run services from Waterloo, via Vauxhall and Clapham Junction. There is no level access at Kew Bridge.

Richmond station has lift and level access. Take the 65 bus (in the direction of Ealing Broadway) to Lion or Victoria Gate.

If you need more information on how to get there please click here.

Who is Caroline Britton?

Some people can inspire and energise CEOs, entrepreneurs and leaders of all kinds, cause them to rethink what they know, reshape what they do, outperform their old selves.

Others work just as profoundly with private individuals and their emotional, psychological and spiritual lives.

Caroline Britton does both, with equal power, compassion and effectiveness. Whoever she’s lucky enough to be working with, she sees only her gifts to help people – all people – to reconnect.

To reconnect with their best and essential selves, the selves they aspire to be.

Whoever you are, whatever brings you to your moment of change, Caroline helps you to see that you are enough, that you can free yourself from what no longer helps you, that this is when rebirth and rebuilding truly begin.

Feeling connected to something greater – to love, soul, support and light – transforms everything: what you do, how and why you do it, and the effect which it has on the world.

Caroline’s like an inspired party host or matchmaker. But instead of being a bridge between people, she’s the bridge between your soul and spirit. Instead of hooking you up with someone else, she reintroduces you to yourself, shows you the way home, the way to connectedness, and to light.

Caroline has been featured in Forbes, The Telegraph, GQ, Red Magazine and numerous other publications. She has also been featured on numerous podcasts and writes for Balance Magazine.

Zoe Hardman

Actress, Presenter and Heart Radio Broadcaster

“I had one of the most incredible sessions of my life with her…I have never experienced anything on this level”