Running a thriving coaching & mentoring business YOUR way


This masterclass is relevant to all coaches & mentors, across all industries. I teach you how to blend soul, spirit, source and strategy & create incredible results in your coaching business & life.

This program is online and available for you to watch today.

“From the moment I met Caroline the magic started happening, she is one of the most incredible humans I have ever met.”

Are you ready to step up and fully claim the coaching & mentoring business that you know is available to you?

Are you ready to coach & mentor at a whole different level of impact and excellence?

Are you ready to shake off the shoulds & complex systems & build the coaching business you want?

Are you ready to learn about a different way of showing up for your clients that has the power to have huge impact on them?

Want to know my secrets to success in growing a successful high 6 figure coaching business?

Want to know the part that soul, spirit, source and strategy play in creating growth and impact and service within your business?

Want to be taught by me over a Masterclass and learn my inside secrets?

Ready to awaken your higher self who can guide you to huge growth in your coaching business?

Want to do this from someone who uses a balance of the doing and momentum with the inner connection and access to the supernatural available to all of us?

Then come join me for this Coaching Masterclass.

So excited to help you see yourself and your coaching business in a whole new way.

“I want to start by saying that I have never met such an inspirational woman, so compassionate, non-judgemental and I will be forever grateful to you for giving me the tools to become the person I am meant to be. I am the most joyful I have been since I was a child and I am excited for the future. This email doesn’t even begin to capture the difference you have made to my life but from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU”

What we will be covering during this Masterclass

Session 1: Working with the energy & vibration of you as a coach and mentor

Sparkles on WhatsApp Coaching at the next level

Sparkles on WhatsApp Embodying the work you are teaching

Sparkles on WhatsApp Showing up from that level you desire

Sparkles on WhatsApp The power of connecting in

Sparkles on WhatsApp Transforming through service – the service of yourself and service to others

Session 2: Money, Magnetism and Ask me Anything

Sparkles on WhatsApp Working with the energy of money as a coach

Sparkles on WhatsApp Pricing, knowing your worth & opening up various income streams

Sparkles on WhatsApp Vibrating from a place of magnetism

Sparkles on WhatsApp Calling clients in

Sparkles on WhatsApp Ask me anything

 Who is Caroline Britton?

Some people can inspire and energise CEOs, entrepreneurs and leaders of all kinds, cause them to rethink what they know, reshape what they do, outperform their old selves.

Others work just as profoundly with private individuals and their emotional, psychological and spiritual lives.

Caroline Britton does both, with equal power, compassion and effectiveness. Whoever she’s lucky enough to be working with, she sees only her gifts to help people – all people – to reconnect.

To reconnect with their best and essential selves, the selves they aspire to be.

Whoever you are, whatever brings you to your moment of change, Caroline helps you to see that you are enough, that you can free yourself from what no longer helps you, that this is when rebirth and rebuilding truly begin.

Feeling connected to something greater – to love, soul, support and light – transforms everything: what you do, how and why you do it, and the effect which it has on the world.

Caroline’s like an inspired party host or matchmaker. But instead of being a bridge between people, she’s the bridge between your soul and spirit. Instead of hooking you up with someone else, she reintroduces you to yourself, shows you the way home, the way to connectedness, and to light.

Caroline has been featured in Forbes, The Telegraph, GQ, Red Magazine and numerous other publications. She has also been featured on numerous podcasts and writes for Balance Magazine.

“I truly feel Caroline is connected to my soul. She is a gift to this world everyone should experience. We are so lucky she’s been placed on this earth to do this work. She’s truly magical”