Welcome to Our Sacred Space of Divination

Our sacred space for Activation. Light Coding. Travelling. Integrating. Healing.

5 months. 5 integrations. 5 attunements.  

You are being invited to do the deep spiritual work with me.

I believe you have an immense gift and a great capacity for helping heal the collective and to change the way that humanity moves forward. I know I was put here to do great work, to sow seeds of light around the earth and to help activate the templates that are within the earth. I have been shown something which is hugely powerful and so many of us are needed to do this work.

This space is sacred. This is a private space where we will quietly do the work that is needed. It is a space for me to guide and show you how to create a better world for us and those that follow.

This space is all about divination and integrating new skills and learnings. It’s teaching various integrations that I feel called to share. A space where we can transcend our human selves and be with the purest frequencies of light.

I know that together we are more powerful. There is such work to be done and I am being called to do these activations with you.

Over the 5 months I will be teaching and guiding you but your power and involvement will be just as strong – as you hold space for us all to be in our most powerful essence of being.

This is deep and special work.

This space is very sacred for us all.

The work that I do goes much deeper than many ever see. The work I do as I “travel”, go into various streams of consciousness and the work within the underbelly of the world are not things I talk openly about. I have travelled through many life times, through great and dark periods of history and my soul has gathered many lessons along the way. So much of what I am shown and that I experience is so profound and hard to articulate – that I often find it easier to explain through energy language rather than words. I will endeavour to share both the words and energy language within this space. Together we will explore light language too.

Having this sacred space with a very small group of you  provides a container for me to channel even more of what needs to come through. I know I will ascend from this work as much as you do. For that, I am eternally grateful.

But spirit have been clear – I am to work with the energy of “5 triangles”. 5 souls who know that they were called to help me do this work, and me do this for them.

We are being called by the light. It’s our time.

The key thing I ask of you is that the time must feel right. You must feel that your soul knew you were being called here at this moment for a reason. That you know this is the space you need to be in. This is crucial for the work we will do.

I believe you have an immense gift and a great capacity for helping heal the collective and for changing the way in which humanity moves forward.

What is covered

Integration 1:- Angels and Archangels

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Working with the energy of angels and archangels
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Preparing your chakras to attune to the angels
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Understanding each of their different roles, what they can guide us on and the hierarchy of angelic realms
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Attuning to their different frequencies and calling in their energy for deep healing for ourselves and others

Integration 2:- Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Deep yoni, womb and feminine work
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Understanding the 8 gateways of the womb and working with them
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp The sacred union
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp The cosmic gateway
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Visiting the temple to work with Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary

Integration 3: - Past life regression

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Working with past life energy
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Working with the Akashic records
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp A journey into the temple of code integration – working with me on the Egyptian and Lemurian codes
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Soul code activations & exploring light language

Integration 4: Reading the energy of others

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Scrying
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Reading energy & Body language
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Working with numerology and the energy bodies
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Astral travel
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Working with the witch lineage

Integration 5: Spirit

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Working on connecting to spirit for psychic readings
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Feeling into visions and clairsentience, clairvoyance, claircognizance and clairaudience
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Protecting your energy and deeply grounding
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Connecting into your guides
Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Trusting what you are shown

Intimate access to me includes:

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp 2 Group calls per month – will include teachings and deep journeying together

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Group Voxer access to ask me anything 

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp A 1:1 with me 

Our Sacred Space starts the week commencing 19th April 2021

Cost: £3999 for 5 months or £888 per month