The Soul Seeker Bundle

We have a special offer!

These  powerful energetic + soul expanding programs from just £199 per month

[Bought separately they are worth £1,600 + VAT so there is a huge saving of over £500]


The Mastery of Manifestation

This 14 module program will show you that everything you desire is possible, even if it doesn’t seem like it now.

The first step will be to guide you through the first 4 chakras and energy bodies to unlock your soul’s calling and to provide you with a deep sense of clarity.

We will then move into your deepest desires and how to master the manifestation process.

And I don’t just mean the material desires, I mean ALL of it.

The way you want to feel, live and show up for your life.

That deep, deep connecting with soul and spirit. That feeling of bliss.

Bringing what you desire, be it abundance, desire, freedom, change, money, joy, into your now.

It is all ready for you.

Waiting to be birthed from the inside out.

Including two BONUS programs, The Soul Re-boot and The Master Healer.

Worth £800 incl. VAT

The Divine Feminine

So much is covered in this online 8 module program. You will be learning:

To re-connect back to your soul, purpose and passion

To get into a place of flow, trust and ease

To learn to surrender and to be divinely led so that we can manifest from a place of inspiration rather than ego

To rediscover your connection to the world and to each other

To feel, to heal, to process emotions that are stored within your body

To find power in sisterhood, community, collaboration

To heal the earth and send ripple effects through society

To build a life from a place that is sustainable and based in ease and flow [and remove the blocks that say this is not possible]

To express the feminine, goddess, true part of yourself that is diluted in your quest for goals.

Worth £800 incl. VAT

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