I want you to know the following as you embark on your business growth.

You do not have to be anything you are not. You do not need to sacrifice your happiness and freedom. 

You don’t have to post things you don’t want to on Social Media to gain sales.

You don’t have to push, pull, negotiate with yourself and concern yourself with “shoulds.”

You don’t have to do things that feel icky to get you ‘there’.

You don’t have to hustle when your soul wants to rest.

You don’t have to conform to others ideas about being successful and doing it right.

You DO NOT have to do what everyone else is doing.

You don’t need to be more polished, more skilled, more confident, more experienced, more like someone else to bring in opportunities.

Your job is to honour being you.


You also get to trust there is a greater force at play, one which is responding to your dreams. Which is guiding you and delivering the next step, one piece at a time. 

In this Mastermind I will get you to connect with what lights you up and the energies that are guiding you. I will teach you how to live and run your business and life in a way that makes you feel happy and free. The days of abandoning yourself are over.

It is time to set yourself and your business free. 

“I have to say, I was completely and utterly blown away by the transformation. I have never worked with someone so commercial and so spiritual”

Danny Schweiger, CEO

Who is this for?

This Mastermind is an opportunity to have intimate access to my mentoring, teaching, energy work and guidance.

This is a place for soul aligned entrepreneurs who are fed up of that sinking feeling, the pressure, the nudge that something is off. Who want to come away from the noise, the have to’s, the self-doubt and instead trust themselves totally that they are creating a business that feels as good on the inside as it looks on the outside. And yes you get to have both.

This is a Mastermind focused on uplifting, supporting and inspiring. This is way beyond the financial results – this is about making sure you are happy and fulfilled and free in your entrepreneurial journey too.

Me and my team will be on hand to personally guide you and your business over the next 6 months. Let’s unshackle you and allow soul and spirit to create some magic.

My story of creating a soul and spirit led business.

Over the last 5 years I have created over 7 figures in my business whilst working part time around my children.

I have written a book, coached thousands of clients, created an online academy, opened an Intuitive coaching school, travelled to Necker and run 10 retreats.

I have not run ads or done things the way I was told they had to be done. Infact whenever I’ve gone to do something I think I ‘should’ do – it has never worked.

My business has been built on being soul led and deeply connected to the spiritual guidance that wants to come through. I take action based on soul and the messages coming through.

There are many ways in which we can do business, ways in which we can move things forwards and grow our business to where we want it to be.

Many masterminds out there will tell you to rely purely on the cerebral and do things the way they are ‘supposed’ to be done.

This shuts off your inner guidance and frequently ends up with a business that doesn’t feel great. You end up feeling something is off – it can feel heavy, stressful and like you have lost yourself.

My way of growing my business and growing the business of hundreds of people that I have helped is different. It relies on connecting to both soul and spirit before you take the action. It is about doing but from a place of connectedness where you don’t rely on hustle and burnout . Instead you focus on you, stay in your own lane and learn to completely back yourself.

It is about working with the incredible wisdom of soul and universal energy.

It is when we truly understand the way that soul and spirit wants to work with us that the magic really starts to flow.

You open up a whole new gateway of possibility.

In The Spiritual Entrepreneur Mastermind, I will show you how to grow a wildly successful business from this place.

“It has been one of the most transformative journeys I’ve ever been on”

Suzie Cuthbertson, CEO or Illumina, Suzie Cuthbertson and Unfiltered Femme

 Who am I?

I am an entrepreneur, activator and powerful Intuitive Coach.  My expertise is in waking up Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Public Figures to live a life of freedom, purpose and joy. I want entepreneurs to LOVE all areas of their life. 

I am a gifted energy worker, mentor, and guide and my clients frequently describe me as a magic maker.

Having grown a business from zero to creating over 7 figures in revenue – I know it can be done from soul and I am passionate for you to know there is another way.

I am here for all the magic as we create a business that feels good on the inside and the outside. 

What is included in this mastermind? Two LIVE calls a month with me where I will teach, guide and mentor you. Where we will cover a program tailored to you and your needs so you can exponentially grow your business from a place of joy and freedom. See below for topics we will cover. Every month on our live calls there will be an opportunity to ask me anything, including what guidance is coming through. I will be tuning into your energy, looking at your business strategy and moving you forwards. Regular access to me means regular up-levelling. Access to a group of incredible soul led entrepreneurs for inspiration, guidance and support 3 1:1’s with my team focused on deepending your connection to spirit and soul A group Numerology session with our global expert who will teach us how to harness the energy of the 8 year in 2024 and work with the energy of your personal year


A 1:1 bespoke numerology reading to work with the energies of your personal year and month

A 1:1 tarot reading so you know what to expect in the next 6 months and how to lean into this energy

A 1:1 Akashic record reading to get more clarity on your soul's purpose

What’s the investment?

The program starts April 2024


What we will cover


Coming back to soul, your truth and getting clear on how you actually want to run your business and life


Stepping into who you truly are, connecting with your way and elevating yourself to an abundance mindset


Daily practices to call in what you desire, receive the guidance and show up and ACT from faith


Create a 6 month plan you are excited about, clear on and is absolutely from soul. This is my tried and tested magical method for big leaps!


How to move into and stay in the frequency of abundance, deservingness and overflow


Knowing what to let go of and showing up for what it is time to fully claim


Working with the powers available to you


Releasing business trauma and re-writing the most incredible script

Here are a handful of the businesses that have worked with me

“Working with Caroline changed my life and my business.”

Victoria Morley

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