Unlock Your Potential

September – October 2022


Unlock your potential and ACCELERATE – The intimate IN PERSON experience

One month of 121 Private Coaching with Caroline PLUS 2 X in person retreat mornings.

I am opening 5 places only for this intimate experience. Starting Monday 19th September 2022.

“I am serious the change in me has been magical. Having you in my life is just truly majestical.”

This is for you if you are ready to truly accelerate your growth and want to commit to 4 weeks of intensive work with me to do so. Our focus over this month is to bring you back into your power and to align everything in your life with that. Life, business and money responds to you so we will be working together to create the extra-ordinary.

The magic of teaching through my VIP Days at my house and through my retreat in Crete has been truly next level. The transformations I am seeing in clients as they come into my physical space and shift and activate is blowing my mind and theirs.

I am opening up 5 spots for those of you who feel the call to connect deeply within, to massively accelerate over a month in September 2022 and who desire to do this in person with me.

We will be very intentional during our time together – clearing, shifting, unlocking, releasing, planning and claiming. This is a very special opportunity to work intimately with me and to create some serious magic.

What is included?

2 X In-Person Group Retreat Mornings with Caroline   

2 X 121 Sessions with Caroline  

4 Weeks of 121 Voxer Access to Caroline 

Who is this for?

You thrive in person and want to work face to face with me.

You are ready to accelerate and grow. It feels like it is your time.

You want 121 access to me so we can laser focus on getting you to where you desire to be.

You want to go all in over 4 weeks together and create some magic. You don’t want to wait. You are ready now and want the resources and support to accelerate you to your next level.


Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Wednesday 21st September – An in person VIP Retreat morning in Hale, Cheshire. Session focused on unlocking your voice, calling in more power, energetic uplevelling. Deep release work and shifting.

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp Wednesday 12th October – An additional in person VIP Retreat Day in Hale, Cheshire. Focusing on momentum, formulating a plan and claiming your unlimited potential.

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp 2 X 121 sessions over the 4 weeks with Caroline

Crescent Moon on WhatsApp 121 Voxer access for 4 weeks

Price: £5555 including VAT 

Hear from Caroline’s clients below who have just experienced massive transformation from in person mentoring

Jill Pinnington

Loretta Douglas

Simone Grove